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THE Dazzling Stone Chapter 5

Daisy Josephraj

Active member


Prem jumped and danced in the boat choreographing eight steps in his dance movements as he saw that lovely boat rocking in the sea. It was after so many months he was dancing and playing like a kid.

“What Harry? Are you taking me to any magical world?” Prem asked with delight in his eyes!

“Do you remember those days when you related those fairy tales to your sisters? I do remember boss, some of those fairy tales like ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs’ They were all adventures for small boys, but the adventures you are going to face from today, will be above all those tales...,”

Now as the boat began to roll on its wings over the tremendous waves and sea breeze eerily, without any technical support, Harry started advising Prem,

“Prem when you are facing my queen, you must stop doing any mischief, and nasty gimmicks and keep your tail rolled up like a little puppy!”

“OK bro, but I don’t have any tail, so can you lend me your bushy tail” Prem was teasing Harry, and Harry began to reprimand him in Chennai Bhasha! You scoundrel, rogue, idiot of an ass and donkey,”

“It seems you are well equipped with the vocabulary of Chennai Tamil to bash me!”

“Vow! All those beautiful words, I picked up on the seashore! But why are you shaking from head to feet now Master?”

“Do you mean ‘I am shaking’ my little friend! Do you know how I feel now? I feel as if I am going to get Tsunami inside my body soon. My body is reverberating and oscillating from the entrance door of my mouth to the exit door of my anus. The whole organ system in my body from, brain, lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, kidney, to intestinal complications, all are in a hyper state as if they are caught in the eye of an exciting storm!”

“Don’t get that much excited my dear sweet man! If you feel like urinating you just think of the toilets, eastern or western anything will come upon the snap of your fingers!”

“Hi, you little imp, do you think you can bring restrooms, and utility rooms, on the go anywhere, as you wish, like Head Master Dumbledore of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!”

“Dear Master, those were all very simple magics done by small sticks, by uttering some incantations, but our magics are at different levels of mind games!” Prem got angered by those words,

“If you ever utter a single word degrading that magical boy Harry Potter or the Head Master of that magic School, I will push you into the depth of this fathomless ocean. Don’t you know that you were christened Harry only after that magical boy Harry Potter!”

“Okay boss! But can you give what name you have selected for my would-be wife?”

“It’s not Jinny but Hermione, as I feel she is a more suitable pair for Harry, the magical boy! But before I could bring your lady love, you were killed in that accident and was dead and gone in a fraction of a second!”

“Harry, Hermione, beautiful name pair, please Master complete this task so that I will get my Hermi as a reward from my queen!”

“Are you a fool and a lunatic Harry, do you know why I am coming with you... just to relieve of my pains created by my queen Nila today!” Prem failed to notice where the boat was going as he was interestingly chatting with Harry!

Their yacht was just thrown up in the air like a rocket by a huge ebb tide and it started sliding down a road filled with snow, as if in the Polar Regions on planet earth. Finally, it ran on an avenue road lined with emerald trees on both sides, with their leafy branches shining like one of the nine gems called emeralds and many trees were in bloom with beautiful flowers in all rainbow colors! But Prem’s eyes went into his brows in astonishment when he realized that all those flowers gleaming were real gems dazzling in different shapes and colors.

He was further bowled over and went into a daze when he saw some fruit-bearing trees filled with fruits of any one of the nine gems and he was able to differentiate each tree with its hanging fruits.

While one tree was bearing pure white dazzling diamonds as fruits, the next tree was having red rubies, another one blue sapphires, and one with naturally occurring white pearls, yellow sapphire, cat’s eye, hessonite, and corals. All the leaves were green emeralds irrespective of the fruits they were born with.

Beyond the trees, he saw a vast area covered in powdery white desert sand for so many miles and he was convinced that they were powdered white sands of polished diamonds.

“Hi, Harry!!! What is this???” Prem shouted in amazement.

“Don’t shout, I have already informed you about our world! It’s a marvelous one, filled with all the riches in the world. If you wish to own any of those nine gems in your pocket, just think of it, and you will have it in your dirty jeans pocket!”

“No! no Harry, I am not interested in all those treasures and wealth. I have renounced all my desires except my lady love Nila!”

“If you can’t renounce the desire for Nila, then you can never renounce any of your desires in your world because ladies are the root cause of all maladies and intoxications in the planet Earth!”

“Hi! Hi! Harry don't say all those words loudly, if any woman from a women’s forum hears those words, then they will pass a No-Confidence motion against you and you will be tied to any of those emerald trees upside down and beaten out of your consciousness. Leave that chapter of desires, and now come to our point,

“What will the dog people here do with those different gem fruits hanging from the trees?”

“It’s very simple, some are used for trades; some for other commercial purposes; in this land still they use barter system in their trades. Some of the stones are used for beautifying the ladies, each lady will be fond of different gems, and the main purpose of those nine gems are... they are used as stones to chase away intruders that enter this territory without knowledge like small birds and animals crossing the boundary line!”

“So you need a colonial rule to smuggle away all those treasures from your land!”

“Don’t rap those rulers Prem, once upon a time they were like rulers, who went to colonize the whole world to bring the whole universe under one regime, to have one world order, and in turn when they left, they have left us with Gandhiji, Ahimsa, non-violence, and democracy!”

“So you have become a learned Historian also?!”

“You know once the queen called me Genius!” Harry giggled like a babe and Prem fell flat on the beauty of that laughter. Harry his cute pet continued!

“I was taught all the nuances of history, geography, and life sciences of the planet Earth when I was training under the Queen! At the same time, Prem felt a jerk in his body as the flying boat crash-landed in a desert filled with sands of powdered diamonds. He just opened his eyes to see a figureless Harry’s hand on his shoulder,

As the expanse of vast diamond sand danced in front of his eyes. The dazzling white, pricked his eyes, and his heart began to pump more blood into the arteries and veins and as a result, his blood pressure shoot up, and slowly fear began to settle down in his heart. “Prem, at last, we have reached the ‘DOGS WORLD of ERTICA GARDENS’!

From here onwards you must be very careful as this world is filled with millions and millions of dogs in figurative as well as bodiless forms. A miss-step here will lead you to hell. So you pack up all your impish acts and get ready to meet our benevolent, attractive, and most beautiful Queen in the Universe.

Can you see a BOUNDARY LINE OF SILVER COATING, SHINING THERE! That’s the Boundary Limit of this PLANET ERTICA! When you cross into that territory, your feet should not touch that boundary line.

Prem felt Harry’s tender paw tightly holding his palm and at the blink of an eye, he pole vaulted along with Harry into the DOG’S WORLD. Then Harry led him on the way to the palace like a steward as Prem’s stomach started somersaulting.

On his way to the king’s palace, he saw the ways were filled with luxury and wealth. He was surprised to see many scientific marvels... like hanging gardens, colosseums, and giant-sized doom-shaped towers dazzling with sparkling lights, skyscrapers, Statues of the immense height of different breeds of dogs, with names, with their stories inscribed. On their pedestal. Prem was very much impressed by a cluster of seven dogs with their names flickering as JILLU, JIMMY, JISSY, JIKKY, ROSY, JULIAN, AND JENUS.

His heart was throbbing with tremendous velocity and he had a heartache that he should read the story inscribed on that magnificent mega-sized platform as all the seven dogs were of Pomeranian breed like his pet dog Harry except for one dog which was of the Dalmatian breed with beautiful black beads rolling all over its body. That dog alone looked an outlier.

Though the dogs looked like puppies their heights exceeded even that of the statue of liberty. But Harry pulled him along in a hurry as Prem’s mind started picturizing the great grand buildings filled with supercomputers, different types of luxurious transportations which he had never seen in his life.

As it was not a study tour to the planet Ertica, he could gather only very few pictures and photographs in his mind!

So he thought the queen’s palace would be of another grandeur structure filled with treasures. But he was disappointed; not only by the simple sober-looking plain palace but Harry’s queen Cleopatra also looked very simple and naive.

Cleopatra was blanketed in a whitish coat, (not made of furs) filled with dark black spots beautifully arranged like dots in a Kolam. She looked just like a gigantic Dalmatian dog, matured to its core. It resembled a very big Hunter dog, in length, breadth, and height with all its body parts geometrically aligned and curved in a correct shape and size of a dog. A real beauty if we say it in plain words. There was not a microgram of a flaw in its body structure.

There was something in her eyes, filled with a look of a tigress with big black pearls, roaming inside a polished pure white carpet tinged with red and looked like burning charcoal as if searching for something in the dark... Though its body looked silky white there was not a single silky hair that stood upon her body.

There was a black beauty spot on the tip of its nose, like a black diamond which attracted Prem more than anything else, as that black mole exactly resembled the micro black mole which decorated the curve on Nila’s nose. She was sitting on a gleaming white throne and the throne enhanced her beauty.

By her side, there was a gleaming black throne which too was shining but to his eyes it looked as if it was filled with bodiless white foam, sitting on its hind legs, and looked very faint like a water-washed dog’s picture

The whole palace looked a complete contrast to all the luxuries he saw on the streets of the Dog’s World. Cleopatra looked elegant as a dog but her nature looked ferocious! And she started talking and his heart rumbled as he was able to understand her talking.

“Hi, you human! How was your trip to our world of dogs on planet Ertica? Prem was shocked to hear that falsetto voice.

“It is juicy news for me, Madam, as I have never heard of this planet except for the nine planets which revolve around the sun in the solar system!” He wanted to add ‘doggy’ but controlled his tongue,

‘Let this world be a secret forever’ to your nosy Earth, the queen thought!’

‘WELCOME TO OUR ETRICA GARDEN OF DOG’S WORLD.’ If you feel it’s a secret world, let it be so! As that was the wish of the CREATOR! You can very well call me doggy because we are all DOGS in your language.

“Yes! No!” Prem’s mouth bubbled with fear, while Harry send a message to him saying,

“You foolish chick, be careful! Our queen can read your mind!” He was taken aback by the flash of a message in his brain, ‘Prem wanted to learn that trick in his leisure, as he thought this method of sending messages through mind contacts... will be useful in chatting with Nila when she was in her client’s meetings!’

Before he could answer the question from the queen, her attention was turned towards Harry asking,

“Why you are dancing like a baby Harry as if tickled on the sensitive parts ??? You have accomplished your job with full honesty and dedication, you will be rewarded on the completion of this project I am going to endow this human! Now, can’t you laugh Harry?”

“I have a petition to make!” Prem interrupted and supplicated in front of the queen saying,

“Don’t call me a HUMAN; I feel as if I am being taken like a lamb for a sacrifice to God. You can very well call me Prem, and I will always be at your services!”

“Okay! Prem, now we are friends and extended its delicate paw for shaking. On touching its paw HE FELT HIS MIND REVERTING TO ITS EQUILIBRIUM, WITH PEACE SETTLING ALL OVER HIS BODY, HE FELT AS IF HE HAD BECOME AN ANGELIC MAN. As Prem looked awe-struck by that feel from the queen, Harry started scolding him through his message!

“All humans are very bad when they see beautiful girls! See how you open your mouth and gape at a lady even though she’s a dog? Prem felt his pants were being pulled by Harry’s teeth.

But that lady, who looked like a Greek Goddess, began to overwhelm his heart and mind. His turbulent mind began to settle down in ‘SHANTHAM,’ THE PEACE for which he was on a relentless search for the past twelve months.

Without a check on his tongue he began to prattle!, “Just order me, queen, the job I have to accomplish, I will complete it within the snap of my fingers!”

“Straight away I will come to that point Prem!” she said authoritatively,


Prem, please listen to our sorrowful history. The Greatest Emperor of this Dog World, and Husband of this poor Cleopatra; my Majesty CAESAR’s LIFE now hangs in balance. They must pass seven rebirths before they return to their homeland. since our daughter’s desertion, Caesar is in a coma.

He has to come out of his coma! His life rests on the return of my daughters who deserted us. We were waiting for this rebirth in which they all will be females in human form! I want my Caesar to laugh... Prem could see drops of tears hanging like white pearls on her eyelashes.

At the same time, he felt some movement on that black throne filled with white light in the shape of a dog.

“You are CALLING HIM CAESAR and YOURSELF CLEOPATRA, you mean to say that you are that EGYPTIAN BEAUTY, CLEOPATRA, AND HE CEASAR, THE EMPEROR OF ROME. I have read everything in the story Caesar and Cleopatra written by Shakespeare!” His chit-chat was cut short by Harry kicking him on the thigh.

“Yes My dear friend, it’s a parallel life of that same king and queen in this Dog World but with a different story and she began to sing a song in her falsetto voice. though the voice was coarse, the lyrics came beautifully through her enchanting lips and tears began to roll down her long silky face. Prem and Harry stood mesmerized by her singing.

My king Caesar! a white marble statue!
Wearing the fur coat Weaved by the
White snowy flakes falling from the sky!
Is it a snowman except for that black pearl pupil?
Rolling in a half-broken white pearlfish Oyster!
His rosy nose tip and ear lobes
Make the rose petals, droop in shame!
The whole world will come to a standstill
On its revolving path without batting an eyelid
When that Angelic emperor walks on the dais!
When he sings a song, in a well-pitched voice
your heart is rekindled like a dancing snowfall!
The bushy tail at his back is the Master Piece of it all.

“Sssssss!...” Prem was able to hear some voice from the Black marble throne while the queen stopped her verses and looked at the throne lovingly with passion falling from her fiery eyes.

“My dear friend, this is how he responds to flatteries before he went into his coma. He never likes it when anyone composes poems on his beauty, He has the notion that beauty is only skin deep. My dear child, do you know the love story in the bible, of Adam and Eve.

The Holy bible talks about the Ancestral father and mother of the Human Race. They were the first Man and woman and first lovers of your people on earth. Likewise, we were the first male and female dogs created by God on our planet. During our creation, we were called wolf-dogs. Many breeds of wolf dogs came into our world after us and they all called themselves our descendants.

Prem felt that Cleopatra was overacting her ancestral history, but still, he followed her story as an obedient student.

“Even if you don’t believe my story, it is not fictitious. Do you know how well we were enjoying our life in our Ertica garden? We shared our love and affection and filled our world with all breeds of dogs except for Pomeranian female breeds. With many of our male and female couples filling our world with millions of dogs of different breeds. There was never sorrow or suffering in our world.

My king was a Pomeranian breed and you know from Harry how he looked, and I am a hunter variety with the tall and imposing structure of a Dalmatian breed. Our world was filled with dogs of all color combinations from white, black, brown, and all its shades like Pomeranian, Dalmatian, Paraya, black Hunters, Doberman Spitz, dachshund, Shepherds, bug, Labrador, Poodles, Corgi, Golden Retriever, etc., etc., But we too had our codes and ethics given by God. All of a sudden the queen stopped talking and her voice was choked with emotions. Then she continued after inhaling some more air through her long pointed nose. To be continued...